About Information Communications Network LLC

Our organization operates under the Communication and Information Technology Agency of Government of Mongolia

Information Communications Network LLC /ICNC/ was established in 2006 to operate the state owned national backbone network, to ensure secure and reliable operation and maintenance of the networks and to provide interoperability and interconnection services to telecoms operators while playing a major role in the ongoing development of Mongolia’s infrastructure.

Information Communications Network LLC is a leading provider of broadband services for the carrier marketplace and owner of the largest open access fiber-optic network in Mongolia.

The main objective of our company is to provide equal opportunities, open and reliable access of the national backbone network to all state owned and private telecommunications and information communications.

Information Communications Network Company is responsible for coordinating and maintaining operations of about 70% of the national fiber-optic cable network that stretches across 17421 km in 21 provinces and 283 soums (villages) of Mongolia. We of fer co-location and outside plant lease services of our 9446 manholes and 791684.5 meters of ducts to mobile operators and telecoms service providers on our facilities and towers throughout Ulaanbaatar city, 21 provices and 373 villages of Mongolia.

Team of 1470 highly qualified employees, engineers and technicians are our most valuable assets. We are cooperating with more than 230 public and private communication service providers.

Director’s Biography

Deputy Director of the Information Communications Network LLC
Government work
–    Deputy Director of the Information Communications Network LLC
–    E-Policy Advisor of N.Oyundari, Member of the Parliament
–    Representative of the Citizens’ Representative Meeting of Selenge aimag, Chairman of the Social Policy Committee
–    Member of the Working Group on “Social networking regulation” of the E-Policy Temporary Committee of the Parliament

Non- Goverment work
–    Vice President of the “Social Democracy” Mongolian Youth Federation under Mongolian People’s Party
–    Chairman of the Humanitarian Standing Committee of the Mongolian Youth Federation