Let’s Join the “Share the Positive” National Campaign

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Please join the “Share the Positive” campaign, organized by Crime Prevention Regulatory Union, Communications and Information Technology Authority, UN Children’s Foundation, Faro Foundation Mongolia Non-Government Organization and Facebook Inc., which aims to prevent child related crimes and risks in cyber environment, and to encourage digital literacy in social media environment.Through this campaign, we will share fresh contents and lessons on daily basis.The official National Digital Literacy program contents are available for free on the following social media accounts and pages:

FB: @DigitalLiteracyMongolia

Instagram: @DigitalLiteracyMongolia

Twitter: @LiteracyMN

Youtube: www.youtube.com/channel/UCvZSTKk6AP_buSjEQiN_dlA

Also available on the following social media pages of the initiator of the National Digital Literacy Program: Mr. ZOLZAYA Arild, Director of Broadcasting and Digital Content Policy Planning Department, Communications and Information Technology Authority, Government of Mongolia.

FB: @azolzaya

Instagram: @MrZoloo

Twitter: @MrZoloo

Another key member to the campaign is Ider-Od Bat-Erdene, well known stand-up comedian in Mongolia. He has been working as advisor of Digital Literacy Campaign of CITA and local ambassador of Faro Foundation Mongolia NGO.

FB: @iderod

Instagram: @iderodcomedian

Twitter: @iderodcomedian