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Aimed at presenting technological development and new products services to the public and defining the development of ICT industry, the annual ICT Expo 2018 was held for the 12th time at Misheel Expo Center between30September to 2nd October. The three-day expo organized by the Communications and Information Technology Authority was run under the theme ‘Together in Digital Development’ and attended by over 40 companies.

G.Zandanshatar, Head of the Cabinet Secretariat,  N.Uchral, Member of Parliament, B.Chinbat, Chairman of CITA,  G.Chinzorig, Chairman and CEO of CRC  and other officials  were participated in Inaugural ceremony of the event. This exhibition was distinctive in many ways and it provided exhibitors and visitors with intellectual and technological knowledge and information. For instance, DAN recognition system was introduced during the exhibition. DAN system, next version of the KHUR digital service system, identifies and verifies person online, allowing citizens to have online services and the system is able to work closely with non-interrelated private and public service systems.

With the introduction of the “KHUR” system, the citizens have their finger prints read. Previously, the client who requested to get services was required to collect different types of inquiries and other documents. Then, the “DAN” system allows citizens to take some online services without visiting places.

For example, the “DAN” system will be used by banks to access services such as opening accounts and ordering cards without visit to the branch.

Opening ceremony of the data center for KHUR system took place in Dariganga soum, Sukhbaatar aimag as the first local area to introduce the system and the ceremony was aired live during the ICT Expo. Therefore, residents of Dariganga soum are now able to receive public services without going to the aimag centre. The systems have been developed to make services and activities of the state as well as private organizations towards citizens more accessible, citizen-centered, transparent and quick.

During the expo, a forum on development tendency of IT sector and the sector’s effect on society has been organized. The forum was held under the topic ‘Digital Finance’ and ‘Digital Content’  ‘Digital Future’ and Digital User – Health .

Moreover, the awarding ceremony was held during the expo and the best of best award went to the companies which are creative and accomplished, introduced the best solutions, the new technologies and products.