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An international training on ‘Satellite communication technology and operations’ commenced  on May 7 in Ulaanbaatar. The Communications and Information Technology Authority of Mongolia and Asia-Pacific Space Cooperation Organization/APSCO/ is co-organizing the training with aims to improve skills and knowledge of employees working in satellite service sector and to promote the implementation of the ‘National satellite’ project.

The training is conducted by the professors and trainers from the International Telecommunication Union, Beihang University, Mongolian University of Science and Technology with attendance of about 40 international and domestic participants.

APSCO is an inter-governmental organization dedicated to promote and strengthen the development of collaborative space programs among its Member States by establishing the basis for cooperation in peaceful applications of space science and technology. It is headquartered in Beijing, People’s Republic of China.

Since 2006, APSCO has been working to improve human resource capacity of member countries and they have been jointly implementing master’s and doctoral scholarship program in ‘Space technology usage’ in collaboration with Beihang University.  As of 2017, 32 Mongolian students have been involved in master’s and 4 students in doctoral program. Also, about 100 employees participated in international and domestic trainings.