The high-tech industry park will be established in Zuunmod soum, Tuv aimag

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The high-tech industry park will be established in Zuunmod soum of Tuv aimag, consisting of 6 hectares, within the project supported by CITA, Governor Office of Tuv aimag and Governor Office of Zuunmod soum, and with partnership of JPCA, JEITA, KPCA and CPCA. The park will be comprised of specific individual areas for production, R&D, business development, trade fair and exhibition, as well as green zone.

The project initiative is aimed to introduce the best technologies in electronics industry in Mongolia, set up national high-tech industrial and technological park, manufacture electronic supplies and products using copper and other raw materials and provide them for export market. In near future, producing factories of copper plates, printed board, powerwalls and network copper cables, and assembling factories of wooden toys, batteries and solar panel are planned to be built in the production area.

Furthermore, following regional-level benefits are expected from the implementation of project:

  • Approximately 3 million USD in tax payment annually
  • Create about 150 jobs for local community
  • Rise demand for accommodation in the region due to foreign expats
  • Increase purchase of consumer goods in local markets
  • Improve cultural and entertainment services
  • Develop the region as a economic and scientific center
  • Each year about 20 local students attend abroad trainings
  • Build Robot Toy Center and organize annual robotics competition in the region etc.

For the additional information, there are almost 450 high-tech parks worldwide, providing 70% of the global GDP, and 150 of them are located in USA and 110 of them in Japan.