Chairman of the CITA assumed as new Chairman of APSCO Council

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The Chairman of the CITA, Mr. Chinbat Baatarjav, assumed the duties as new Chairman of the Council of Asia Pacific Space Cooperation Organization (APSCO) during 11th APSCO Council meeting held on 11-14 September of 2017 in Iran, Teheran.

The APSCO was formally inaugurated in 2008 with the objective of the peaceful uses of space by developing space applications, exploiting space technology and exploring space science for promotion of sustainable social-economic development and benefit people in the Asia-Pacific region.

The Council is highest decision-making body of the APSCO comprising the representatives of its Member States, namely Bangladesh, China, Iran, Mongolia, Pakistan, Peru, Thailand, Turkey, one Signatory State Indonesia, and one Observer State Mexico, and headed by the Chairman and vice-Chairmen.

On behalf of the Mongolia, he will chair the APSCO Council in 2018-2019 in line with its commitment to promote sustainable development of Member States in the field of space communications.

Statement by new Chairman, Mr. Chinbat Baatarjav, at the handover ceremony of the Chairmanship of the APSCO Council, is as in below.

“It is a great honor and privilege for Mongolia and for me to assume the charge of the Chairmanship of APSCO Council in 2017, after the successful completion of Chairmanship by Islamic Republic of Iran.

The Asia-Pacific Space Cooperation Organization (APSCO) is the only inter-governmental space cooperation organization in Asia-Pacific region, which can play as a necessary driver for bringing the growing number of benefits derived from space science and technology applications to its member countries in their common pursuit of attaining the objectives of the APSCO.

Since the establishment of APSCO, it has been successfully fulfilling its objectives by developing truly fruitful cooperation among member states as well as with other UN member countries. 

On behalf of the Government of Mongolia, I, as the new Chairman of the council of APSCO, would like to assure all Member States of my commitment to promote the spirit of cooperation in APSCO in order to continue these successes and achievements.

I have no doubt that the Asia-Pacific Space Cooperation Organization (APSCO) will become a leading gateway to space with joint efforts and heartfelt devotes of member countries. I would like to especially thank Chinese government for its great hospitality and contribution on the APSCO’s activities.

To conclude, I wish all Member States and the Secretariat make joint efforts to keep the APSCO spirit alive and flourish it throughout the world.

Chinbat Baatarjav

Chairman of Communications and Information Technology Authority of Mongolia.

12 September 2017, Tehran, Iran. ”