The first official evaluation of TOPCIT MONGOLIA was held

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On October, 2015 it was agreed to introduce TOPCIT, Test of Practical Competency in IT, in Mongolia by signing MoU between Korea’s Institute for Information and Communications Technology Promotion (IITP) and Communications and Information Technology Authority (CITA, formerly known as ITPTA).

In continuation of the MoU implementation, CITA, IITP and National IT Park (NITP) of Mongolia jointly organized the 1st official TOPCIT evaluation in Mongolia on 15-16 May, 2017 and over 70 college students and staff members of software major took part on the computer-based English test. “TOPCIT” is a performance-evaluation-centered test to diagnose and assess the core competencies of IT engineers, specialists, and software developers required to successfully perform tasks in the field of software industry. Introducing the “TOPCIT” evaluation system allows the opportunity to realistically evaluate the skills of Mongolian IT engineers and specialists, improve cooperation between universities, vocational training centers, and employers, resulting in improved human resource capacity.

Furthermore, underlining the importance of continuing bilateral cooperation, Mr. Sang-Hong Lee, President of IITP and Mr. Chinbat, Chairman of CITA signed Amendment of MoU and have agreed to expand areas of collaboration and extend the MoU duration.