MoU with e-Governance Academy of Estonia

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In order to share knowledge and experience on E-Governance international best practices including legal environment, infrastructure designs and implementation and security issues, the Cabinet Secretariat  of Government and Communications and Information Technology Authority (CITA) with the assistance of Mongolian National Data Center and Smart Government project had organized workshop on e-Governance from 29-30 March, 2017, in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. 

The workshop was provided among more than 120 participants of all Ministries and Government agencies as well as state owned companies of ICT sector by guest speakers of e-Governance academy of Estonia and covered topics of Benefits and Economical Efficiency of e-Government, e-Government Architecture, various security aspects such as Cyber security and security of data exchanges etc.

In consideration of the cooperation benefits, CITA and e-Governance academy of Estonia have agreed to collaborate on enhancement of capacity building, exchange of best practices and experiences on innovative solutions and organization of joint workshop, seminars and other activities in field of the e-Governance and signed a MoU for future cooperation on 31 March, 2017.